Beaver Island District Library Gets $5K Grant to Promote Community Reading

The Beaver Island District Library just got a grant to help promote reading.

The library won a $5,000 grant to get the community reading one book for a month, and Beaver Island chose Our Town by Thornton Wilder.

The community will match the $5,000 and put it toward community based events like plays, readings, historical teachings and other events, bringing the community together through literature.

“We just felt that that book epitomized small-town living which we are obviously. And that we could plan the most around it. That it kind of made it where we could do an Our Town, ‘our island’ kind of theme and still connected to me or to my pocket oh no the wireless you took that to the other one,” says librarian Jacque Lafreniere.

The events are planned for May of next spring.

Only two other communities in Michigan won this grant.

And only 78 nationwide.