Petoskey Moves Forward with Plan to Use All Renewable Energy by 2035

The Petoskey City Council voted to move forward with plans start toward their goal of using only renewable energy.

The city voted unanimously Monday night to start building a plan to go completely green by 2035.

“We’re here to take care of this land not just for ourselves but for future generations,” said Petoskey Mayor John Murphy.

Over the course of the next 16 years, the city of Petoskey will start shifting to renewable energy sources.

“I feel it’s time for us to push and move forward on this there’s not time to wait,” said Mayor Murphy.

Some businesses, like Stafford’s Perry Hotel, have already made the switch. Since 2007, they have been pushing a green initiative.

“We were one of the very first hotels in Michigan to pursue the Green Lodging Designation so that means we provide recycling opportunities for all of our guests.” Said Reginald Smith, Vice President of Hotels for Stafford Hospitality.

“We also recently started a program where our guests can opt out of a limited amount of housekeeping to try to conserve water,” said Smith.

Once they’ve gone around to the different rooms and gathered the recyclables, they come down the hotel’s basement to separate them and put them in their proper place.

“I do believe that renewable energy and green is the right thing to do but utilities are a big part of our overhead so we need to make sure they can stay competitively priced as much as possible,” said Smith. “So if our utilities rates here are more expensive it’s hard for us to compete.”

Mayor Murphy does not expect that to be an issue.

“The costs of renewables are on par with natural gas, they’re actually cheaper by far than coal,” said Mayor Murphy.

Right now the city is working to make a concrete plan. This plan may include putting solar panels on an old landfill.