Clare Co. Road Commission Workers Accuse Manager of Creating Hostile Environment

The Clare County Road Commission put one of its managers on administrative leave.

Now a worker accusing him of creating a hostile work environment is talking about the situation.

Deepak Gupta has been the engineer manager for the Clare County Road Commission since 2014.

But now there are allegations he created a hostile work environment.

An investigation is currently looking into multiple complaints.

One employee says the alleged harassment led to employees seeking counseling or going to the hospital for stress-related issues.

The employee says Gupta pitted coworkers against each other by spreading rumors around the office.

She said she hoped issues could be worked out face-to-face.

“Because I would speak boldly about something that I know, he didn’t like that and would then go to my coworker and make certain statements that shouldn’t be made,” said Kimberly Jones, finance director and board secretary.

We reached out to Gupta, but he said he was unable to comment.

County commissioners will go into a private session Wednesday.

It’s not clear if they will bring up complaints about Gupta or not.