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Brave Hearts Estate: A Weekend Escape for Disabled Veterans

“I helped to keep this country safe so that I can go to a church that I want to go to, I can speak up my mind when I want to… I’ve seen people that couldn’t do that,” says Bruce Thatcher, a disabled veteran who served as an  officer in the First Calvary Division in Vietnam. 

Thatcher and many others get to spend a weekend at Brave Hearts Estate in Pellston. A place where they can unwind, share stories and connect with other veterans who are disabled or have seen combat.

“It’s easier for them to talk to each other than you or I who don’t know what they’ve went through,” says Paula Brown, a Caretaker at the Estate.

Brave Hearts Estate is a bed and breakfast that is giving families a comfortable place to stay and explore Northern Michigan at absolutely no cost.

“It makes me forget about the day to day life and all the stresses that we have,” says Mike McNamara, who served for the Michigan National Guard for 27 years.

“You go through some hardship and when you go through a lot of hardship and see a lot of suffering and they’re your close friends that aren’t with us anymore and when you meet people that have gone through the same thing… It’s a true brotherhood,” says Bruce Thatcher.

This is a great resource for veterans to get away, relax and unwind with people who have shared some of their same struggles. If you or someone you know is interested in learning more or seeing if they qualify for a weekend getaway, or call (231) 539-7111.