Summer Camp Safety: Pediatricians’ Advice for Parents in 2019

Around 14 million children attend day or resident summer camps each year.  Now the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) released a policy statement to address some important issues related to camp safety.

Dr. Michael Ambrose is a pediatrician in Ann Arbor, he said that communication between the family and camp administration is crucial for your child’s health:

“It’s very important that the family understands what the camp’s policy is regarding particular foods,” said Dr. Ambrose. “Is it a camp that allows peanuts at their camp? If so, how is that child going to eat in the dining hall? Are camp administrators trained to use EpiPens in the event that there is an accidental exposure?”

Mike Kelso from the YMCA in Cadillac says it takes a lot to prepare for their summer camp:

“All of our staff gets CPR and first aid training and are aware of issues mainly with children and being in the outdoors specifically in those areas,” said Kelso.

Kelso’s staff has been training around the clock to ensure that when the campers arrive, they are safe. He said, “We really balance, the fun of camp and program areas and that type of content… but then we do a lot of training on our procedures and safety and how to supervise children in a camp setting.”

Dr. Ambrose also strongly encourages vaccinating your kids. He said, “With the recent measles outbreak that we’re seeing across the country and seeing in South Eastern Michigan here. This is a very real concern during this summer.”

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