Roscommon County Sheriff’s Office Still Searching for Missing Woman

UPDATE: Police in Roscommon County say Lisa Ann Bohnsack-Phillips has been found alive and transported for medical treatment.

“We have several different things going on actively attempting to locate her,” said Undersheriff Ben Lowe with the Roscommon County Sheriff’s Office.

Police continue to search for a woman who went missing Saturday night.

She was last seen around Higgins Lake.

The Roscommon County Sheriff’s Office believes Lisa Ann Bohnsack- Phillip was last wearing a black zip-up sweatshirt and carrying a small beige and orange bag.

She is a 44 – year old woman from Flushing.

She was reported missing Sunday morning.

The sheriff’s office is working with other departments and agencies, trying to find any digital footprint to trace her.

“We’ve already had coordination with the Department of Natural Resources, the Michigan State Police, we’ve been in contact with the Flushing Police who have already assisted us on several things,” said Lowe.

If you have any information on where Lisa could be, contact the Roscommon County Sheriff’s Office.