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Midland Police Surprise Fallen Officer’s Son at Graduation Party

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Midland City Police Officer Chad Schieber died while running a marathon in 2007, he was just 35 years old and left behind three children.

His youngest, Micah, just graduated high school and Had just one request for his graduation party.

“He says to me, ‘Mom can we send an invite to the police department?’” says Micah’s mother, Sarah Schieber, “And I looked at him and was like, ‘“he whole police department?’”

Micah has grown up with a deep love and respect for the police, he was just six years old when his dad died. He wanted to share his happiness with his dad’s old department.

“I kind of welled up with fear because I knew it could present as a great disappointment if nobody came,” says Sarah.

The fear was quickly erased as cruiser after cruiser rolled in to the party. Eighteen officers arrived, many never having served with Chad but wanting to be there for the new grad.

“Having worked with Chad and knowing Chad, he was a great man great officer, great husband and a great father,” says Midland Police Chief Cliff Block.

“Being able to have stories told about him and hear the kind of guy that he was, it was really special to me,” says Micah, “That’s how I am able to figure out who my dad was.”

To say thanks, Micah made 18 thin blue line gift bags, the exact number of officers who showed.

“I wish I could’ve given them more,” says Micah, “I would give them the world if I could because of how much they mean to me.”

A graduation surprise for both family and department, honoring the loss felt by both.

“I cannot thank Chief Block and the officers enough that they would do this for Micah,” says Sarah, “I don’t know how to express my gratitude.”

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