Few Resources Available for Animal Control in Roscommon County

Feral cats, becoming a more common problem around Higgins Lake.

However, some say there aren’t enough resources to turn to for help. 

Last week we told you about an elderly couple seen trying to drown six kittens in Higgins.

The Roscommon County Prosecutor decided not to charge them.

She says she believes the couple didn’t know what else they could do.

Roscommon County does not have a trap, neuter and release program, however the animal shelter says it may be time to start one.

“I just turned and I looked at him and I said shame on you,” said Pam Delahanty.

Delahanty says she didn’t think twice when she jumped into the water to save six kittens a couple attempted to drown.

After saving them, her neighbor stepped up to help.

“We’re going to have these eight kittens now, spayed and neutered now and it’s not cheap. It’s not convenient,” said Delahanty.

With limited resources to turn to in Roscommon County, they had no choice but to care for the kittens themselves.

“Well they didn’t ask to be born. They didn’t ask to be here and I feel a responsibility towards them,” said Stacy Dexter-Priebe, the woman caring for the kittens.

But they wish they had a place to go to for help, not just for them but any others who find feral cats in the area.

“That would be nice if everybody contributed to getting these live traps and people to come up and say, yes I will transport them to and from the vet to get spayed and neutered and keep them for a day or two to make sure they’re recuperating,” said Delahanty. “The people really have to take charge and do it themselves. I mean cat these animals, spay them, and neuter them so there’s not a problem.”

An expensive task to take on without any help.

“If it was cheaper to get neutering and shots for them, I think people would be more responsible for them,” said Dexter-Priebe.

The Roscommon County Animal Shelter is full right now but they say they will help as much as they can.

They say they plan to start a trap, neuter and release program.