Chaos in Hong Kong: Protests Against Extradition Laws Continue

Mass demonstrations continue Monday in Hong Kong as protesters call on the city’s leader to resign and withdraw a plan to overhaul the territory’s extradition laws.

Under the plan, people charged with crimes could be sent to mainland China to be tried.

Demonstrations began last week and have continued through the weekend and into Monday, despite a police order for protesters to disperse.

Police use of force has left several dozen people hurt and one protester died Saturday after he fell while hanging a banner.

Protesters are demanding that the city leader resign for her handling of the bill. They also want the bill officially scrapped and for authorities to apologize for how police quelled an earlier demonstration, using tear gas, rubber bullets and other forceful means.

If passed, the new extradition laws would allow Hong Kong residents be moved to China for political or business offenses.

China is criticized by several human rights organizations for it’s prosecution system. The World Report 2018 says human rights violations include “show trials,” forced confessions and torture.