Superintendent to Leave Glen Lake Schools

Early Morning School Board Meeting Determines Sander Scott's Future with District

Superintendent Sander Scott still has some time left in the Glen Lake School district, but at a recent school board meeting on Monday, where the board conducted its annual review of Sander’s job performance, it became apparent from both sides that Scott would not be fulfilling the remainder his contract.  Lisa Niergarth, Board President, says “I do think he’s leaving our district in a better place than it was.”

Glen Lake is the “Home of the Lakers,” and for three years it’s been home for Superintendent Sander Scott – who still has four years left to go in his contract. Niergarth says, “But during the discussion it really became obvious between all of us, pretty much all at the same time, (that) to keep the district going, in a manner which would benefit the kids and keep our community engaged, this is what we had to do.”

Sander Scott says, “I think that what we are going through is a lot like I would a couple goes through in terms of a divorce. Superintendent’s relationship with the school district is a lot like a marriage.”


It was a tense school year at times – with more than a year of teacher contract negotiations and staff members who said they feared speaking out and sharing concerns. But it came down to a disagreement in values, according to Scott. “Certainly a critical mass of folks that just don’t think there was a good value match or a match in terms of what should be expected from professional educators.”

Niergarth credits Scott with positive changes. “He has moved the district forward in many, many ways. I am sad to see him go. He’s a man of high integrity and someone who has only the best interest of the students at the soul of his heart. He really wanted to see things obviously turn out differently.”

Scott is disappointed but not surprised. “It hurts a little bit. And yet I think it’s an amicable divorce. It’s time for both parties to move forward.”

The school board will be acting quickly now posting a job next week for interim superintendent. They’re hoping to start interviews in July and have that person in place by the middle of August before Sander Scott leaves his post on August 23.