Roscommon Co. Prosecutor: No Charges for Couple Who Tried to Drown Kittens

The Roscommon County prosecutor says they will not be charging the couple they say tried to drown a bag of kittens in Higgins Lake.

On Sunday, we told you a bystander rescued and revived all six of the kittens. 

The prosecutor says the couple that tried to drown them was initially having a feral cat problem.

After no luck with several shelters, the prosecutor says the pair decided to drown the kittens instead of letting them starve or die to other wildlife.

She says the couple realizes now they handled it the wrong way, but that they were not trying to torture the animals.

The prosecutor also added, “The real issue here is to figure out what we can do to prevent something like this from happening again. No one should call four different locations and be told they cannot be helped. However, our state does not mandate that animal shelters take in cats.”

She listed the following pages as resource to help with feral cat issues: