Road in Grayling Dug Up, Left Unpaved for a Year Leaving Residents Asking Questions

More than 100 people paid for a new road, but that’s not what they got.

South Roberts Road used to be paved, but crews dug it up to re-pave it last June.

To pay for the project, the township is charging people who live on the road $210 a year and people who live near it $100 a year.

Work to re-pave the road was expected to start in Sept.

However, the township supervisor says a state- wide construction worker walk out delayed the project.

Now it’s been a year and the road is still unpaved.

The township says once a project on I-75 is completed, work on South Roberts Road will begin.

“Every time there is a rain delay or a weather delay or any kind of delay on that project, it affects you know the start time,” said Lacey Stephan, Grayling Township Supervisor.

At this point, there is no set date for when the project could begin.

People who live on and near South Roberts Road are growing very impatient.

They say the road is dangerous, especially when it rains.

“It is full of rocks, it’s full of dust, it’s full of obstructions,” said Patty Hawkins, a woman who lives near the road.

If you drive on South Roberts Road, you’re likely going to need a car wash.

“At this point we make a joke about how once there’s a car that’s dirty, my father- in- law will say ‘oh that’s a Roberts Road car,” said Oluremi Abayomi, who lives off of South Roberts Road.

But if you live on South Roberts Road, a car wash is probably no use.

“It’s been terrible and I’m embarrassed my cars dirty all the time,” said Hawkins.

Road work delays have left this once paved road looking like this for about a year now.

“I got on the road and it was just bumpy,” said Abayomi. “I’m from Africa and I joke this is really contending with some of the worst roads that I’ve seen back home in Africa.”

Some days the road is grated, but when it rains, it’s filled with potholes.

“You can’t even stay in your lane. You’re driving over on the other side because you’re trying to find an area that would be easier to drive,” said Hawkins. “I have had people that don’t even want to come see me because they say we got to go down your road again.”

Some say they’ve had car issues because of the conditions on this road.

“I’ve had tire problems where things have been embedded in the tire. I’ve had to get new tires,” said Hawkins.

At this point, they just want it done.

“The sooner, the better because we’re just all kind of, we’ve had it. We can’t deal with it any longer,” said Hawkins.