Old Mission’s Grand Reopening of the Historic Dougherty Mission House

Old Mission Peninsula has a lot more to offer than Vinyards and breathtaking views.

It has a deep history as well.

And Saturday the historic Dougherty Mission House will reopen its doors to the public.

Bill Cole and a group of men bought the place in 2006 and have since been restoring it to its original 19th Century Era.

The home was built in 1842 by the Reverend Peter Dougherty and local Native Americans.

It became the first post and beam home built in Northwest Michigan.

“We want it to be a museum, open on a regular basis, have people come through and enjoy the history, the culture, the educational aspects that are available in this house,” Cole says.

The dedication and official opening will be at the house this Saturday at 2 p.m. on Mission Road.

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