Hometown Tourist: Gustafson’s U.P. North

In St. Ignace a new store with a family feel has opened up right downtown called Gustafson’s U.P. North. It is an extension of many generations of a local U.P. family business.

Kristi Gustafson’s grandfather started Gustafson’s Smoked Fish in Brevort in the 1970s and the name has been a U.P. staple ever since.

And now they’ve opened a different kind of store in downtown St. Ignace: Gustafson’s U.P. North.

“It was kind of in my blood to be in the business. So last year we opened a store in Brevort and we have since moved that location into St. Ignace,” explained Kristi.

You’ll find their famous jerky, but Kristi’s store is a perfect place for gifts from handmade Michigan-themed items to just unique finds in general, and the entire Stormy Kromer line.

After talking with Kristi for a while, you’ll quickly realize there is more to the products she chooses, from the story behind her family ties to the maple syrup she carries to important missions certain companies have.

“All this stuff in here, I have a relationship with a lot of the makers,” said Kristi. “One that is really special to me, it’s made in Wisconsin, but she donates the proceeds to mental health awareness programs. So that’s really cool to me. That touches really close to me, so I really enjoy having it.”

When you visit you’ll feel the love for the local area, from the products to the locals and tourists alike that walk in the door to visit or peruse.

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