Benzie Bus Adds Taxi Style Service Amid State Public Transit Cuts

A new public transit route in Benzie County started Friday.

Just a day after the state announced it’s considering massive cuts to public transit systems across the state.  

Benzie Bus’ new taxi style service, called The Lake Express, is meant to help people avoid parking in downtown Beulah and Frankfort.

The free service will increase access to downtown businesses by decreasing congestion.

It comes after the state house approved a budget plan that would cut $30 million from transit authorities.

As of now, Benzie Bus receives 38% of its funding from the state.

They say further cuts could impact programs like The Lake Express.

“It’s definitely something serious that could impact not only us but all all public transit’s. The goal is definitely to continue to maintain the service that we provide,” said Benzie Bus Operations Manager, Chad Hollenbeck.

Benzie Bus has been offering service since 2007.