Stranger Gives Special Tim Allen Appearance and Toy Story 4 Tickets to Young Buzz Lightyear Fan

Woody, Buzz Lightyear, Jessie, Mr. Potato Head and the gang are all getting back together next week for the premiere of Toy Story 4.

And Tim Allen, the voice of Buzz Lightyear, will be in town next week for a special showing at the Bay Theater in Suttons Bay.

Tickets in Northern Michigan were hard to come by, they sold out in an hour and a half.

But one of Buzz Lightyear’s biggest fans will have a chance to meet her hero thanks to the kindness of a stranger.

Sawyer Groleau, 5, is obsessed with Toy Story. She watches the movies as often as her parents will let her and in between showtimes, plays with her Toy Story figures and dolls.

She’s been counting down to the premier of the new movie and her mother, Lisa, wanted to make that day extra special for her.

Lisa wanted to get her tickets to meet Tim Allen, but they were sold out.

“I was pretty crushed because I knew that would be special,” said Groleau.

Disappointed, she had all but given up hope until her coworker said he might be able to help.

Brent Hallett reached out to the Overheard in Leelanau Facebook page to see if anyone had extra seats.

Minutes later, a stranger offered her husband’s tickets to Brent to give to Sawyer. Those tickets had been a father’s day gift, but she wanted them to have them for free.

Jill McKenna donated her tickets so Sawyer could meet her hero.

“I couldn’t believe it because I knew how special it would be to her,” said Groleau. “[Sawyer] is super excited.”

Hallett says McKenna’s generosity shows the goodness of his neighbors.

“Overall,it shows that people in the area are great people,” said Hallett. “And that’s why people want to move here and stay here.”

They hope McKenna’s act of kindness can inspire others…and spread to infinity and beyond.