Roscommon County Sheriff’s Office Receives $20K Grant to Add More Patrols To Higgins Lake

Those on Higgins Lake this summer will notice extra patrols on the water.

The Higgins Lake Foundation gave the Roscommon County Sheriff’s Office a grant of $20,000.

Half of that came from an anonymous donor.

The foundation challenged the community to match that half, allowing them to donate the $20,000.

They hope this will increase safety and catch anyone speeding or acting recklessly on the water.

“it will provide a little more oversight to that type of activity. You know we want everyone to enjoy the lake, but also you know follow safety rules and keep everybody happy,” said Vicki Springstead, the chair of the Higgins Lake Foundation.

The Higgins Lake Foundation says with budget cuts to the marine patrols, they were eager to help and allow for more patrols this year.