Mackinac Island: Grand Gardens and Grounds at the Grand Hotel

People from all over the country and the world come to visit Mackinac Island. It’s their chance to experience the charming midwest culture. Mackinac Island is home to some mouth-watering fudge, carriage tours and the infamous Grand Hotel. 

The Grand Hotel has been a Northern Michigan staple since 1887. From their rooms to their dining experiences and amenities, everything is grand. 

Working there is no exception to this “grand” theme. Drew Butterfield is the director of grounds for the hotel and works closely with Julia Viel, the head gardener, making sure their thousands of flowers are catching visitors eyes. Whether they’re their guests or just passing by.

“It’s pretty chaotic because we’re doing so much but it’s a good chaos! It’s rewarding to be here on a daily basis and it’s nice that people appreciate what we do,” says Julia Viel.

Some could say that working in the dirt and being in the sun all day is a dream job, but for Julia and Drew this is their reality. They work with a team of 8, maintaining all 166 acres of the Grand Hotel. They say this is definitely a grand job and on an even grander scale.

Currently the crew is working on dead-heading and maintaining what has already been planted on the front porch, planting in the secret garden and keeping up with the hundreds of new flowers that are brought to them every day.

Julia is constantly working on designing and creating new flower beds each season — playing with contrasts and colors.

If you want more information on the Grand Hotel, click here. 

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