Cheboygan, Inverness Twp. Expected to Finalize Meijer Agreement

Tires, dumpsters and old mattresses at an empty lot could soon be cleared out to make way for a Meijer in Cheboygan.

For years the Inverness Township board members have worked to reach an agreement that clears the way for the new grocery store.

Meijer actually purchased the land back on 2015. 

However, ongoing disagreements between the city of Cheboygan and Inverness Township about who would provide utilities to the location kept the project from moving forward.

Thursday night Cheboygan and Inverness Township are expected to finalize a new agreement that solves those issues.

Representatives from both Inverness Township and the city of Cheboygan will meet and are expected to sign a 425 agreement.

The agreement says the city of Cheboygan will handle water, fire and police services while Inverness Township takes on sewer services for the lot.

Again, Meijer owns the property, but says they would not move forward with their plans until this deal was reached.

Board members tell us this deal has taken almost five years.

Four board members were actually recalled over the situation in November’s election.

If this deal is finalized, Meijer will start planning their development of the property.