Traverse City DDA Works to Improve Accessibility for the Boardman River

Downtown Traverse City leaders are searching for ways to improve the Boardman River and the development around it.

Wednesday, the Downtown Development Authority hosted an open house to hear ideas about making the lower Boardman more accessible and better integrated in town.

More than 1.6 miles of the Boardman River run right through downtown, which is why the Downtown Development Authority says it’s important to enhance its accessibility and also aesthetics of the river.

They asked people Wednesday night to share their ideas about the future of the river and ways to make it more navigable and integrated with the city.

The challenge is keeping it all sustainable and true to its most natural form, even with all the development around it.

“Portions of that river are very natural and portions of the river…are kind of a channel and are lined with parking lots, so there are opportunities to kind of change the way we interact with the river,” Harry Burkholder of the Lower Boardman Leadership Committee said.

The Lower Boardman Leadership Team will take comments from the session and use them to create a unified plan for the river.

There is no deadline for this project yet because the DDA wants to spend as much time as it takes to help make this river and the areas around it better.