PIXIE Restaurant in Mount Pleasant Serves Thousands of Coneys for a Cause

The PIXIE Restaurant in Mount Pleasant considers this day their biggest day of the year: Coneys for a Cause.

People from all around order or drive through to enjoy coney dogs at a discount followed by an eating competition amongst local law enforcement, all of which contributes to a great cause.

Wednesday all proceeds will fund the youth services unit of the Mount Pleasant Police Department, as well as the bay region’s Big Brothers, Big Sisters Program.

“I look forward to this event knowing that it is going to help impact the lives of several kids from Isabella County and help fund that program with the youth police academy,” says Brandon Bliss, Mt. Pleasant Police Department.

Last year the event sold more than 16,000 coney dogs with hopes to top that with 17,000 this year.

At seven Wednesday night police officers will competed in an eating competition to support the cause.