Paddle Antrim: Feeling Good and Doing Good on the Chain of Lakes

Looking for a good excuse to get out on the water? Paddle Antrim is a non-profit promoting environmental stewardship and safety out on the Chain of Lakes. This community is exploring places you can’t always see from shore.

“Our mission is to protect the local waterways by getting people connected through paddling. We really feel that when we get people out there and engaged on the water they’ll understand why we want to protect our beautiful waterways,” says Executive Director Deana Jerdee.

Another part of Paddle Antrim is helping locals and visitors know where they can paddle, how long their trip will be and how to best navigate the chain of lakes.

“The chain of lakes miles and miles of shorelines but people even locals don’t know where to go so we are providing the information on where to get on the water, off the water, where’s the closest bathroom or Ice cream,” says Deana Jerdee.

Recently Paddle Antrim received some exciting news– helping get the chain of lakes back on the map.  “In December the state of Michigan designated the chain of lakes as the first water trails in the state of Michigan,” says Deana Jerdee.

This group offers community events and classes teaching environmental responsibility and safety to people of all ages. There big event, the Paddle Antrim Festival is taking place September 12th-14th.

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