Hong Kong Protests: Extradition Bill Debate Delayed

Developing news out of Hong Kong, we are learning that lawmakers have postponed a debate over a controversial extradition bill.

This comes after protesters after blocked access to government buildings.

More than a million of the city’s 7 million people gathered in Hong Kong’s city center to protest the bill.

Nearly 5,000 armored police officers were deployed to the area to guard the government buildings.

Wednesday morning those police officers sprayed pepper spray and used water cannons.

Lawmakers were scheduled to discuss the future of the bill Wednesday.

The bill would allow Hong Kong residents be moved to China for political or inadvertent business offenses.

China is criticized by several human rights organizations for it’s prosecution system. The World Report 2018 says human rights violations include “show trials,” forced confessions and torture.

A date has not been announced for when the rescheduled meeting will take place.