Gov. Whitmer Declares June 12 Women Veteran’s Recognition Day

Governor Whitmer just announced a special day, specifically to honor Michigan’s 44,000 female veterans.

From now on June 12 will be known as Women Veterans Recognition Day, in Michigan.

State Senator Peter MacGregor put forth the resolution and it passed unanimously last week.

Nationwide, there are 2 million women veterans, making up nearly 10 percent of the veteran population.

In addition to the Women Veteran’s Recognition Day, the Michigan Veterans Affairs agency recently launched the She is a Veteran campaign to help them share their unique stories and connect them to the benefits and services they deserve.

“Female veterans aren’t seeking special recognition but just recognition in and of itself to bring awareness to the fact that females have served and that awareness might create a better atmosphere

Michigan women interested in telling their stories for the She is a Veteran campaign should click here.