Former MSU Dean Found Guilty of Neglect of Duty

A former Michigan State University Dean has been found guilty of neglect of duty.

William Strampel was a supervisor of the convicted sports doctor Larry Nassar.  

The jury found Strampel neglected his duty of making sure Nassar followed patient restrictions ordered in 2014.

Nassar was a former Michigan State doctor who was found guilty of molesting hundreds of women while he was a doctor at MSU and as a part of USA Gymnastics.

Strampel was also accused of abusing his position to sexually harass female students.

The jury found him not guilty of second degree sexual misconduct.

“It’s mixed emotions. We’re happy he’s found not guilty… We’ll address the rest of this case at sentencing,” said Strampel’s Attorney, John Dakmak

Strampel’s sentencing is scheduled for July 31st.