Emmet County Commissioners Consider Making Changes to EMGO Transit System

“There’s been a whole range of services and departments the board is looking at for funding options for the future.”

Emmet County is putting extra time and energy on balancing their budget as they deal with some funding issues.

Right now the county is assessing a number of their programs, including their new public transit system EMGO.

Wednesday night the public will have a chance to weigh in.

“I have not heard of the Emmet County bus system, even though I’ve been here for 68 years,” Debbie, a lifelong resident of Emmet County, said.

A common issue for the EMGO Transit System

Many people just don’t know it even exists.

“Our goal was to average around a thousand additional rides per month and we’re averaging right now about 843,” Calabrese said.

Emmet County administrator John Calabrese says while Emgo isn’t hitting their goal, its doing OK since its launch in January.

“We started out a little slow January and February were some rough months for weather. But the number have consistently grown,” Calabrese said.

County commissioners working to balance the budget are considering programs like EMGO when distributing the county’s general operating fund.

“They are evaluating a lot of different things and I think this is one of the things they’re on a cost benefit analysis type evaluation,” Calabrese said.

“Funding’s limited, they’re trying to do the best they can with what they have,”

That could mean changes to the transit system.

“One of the things I leaned from people that have been in the business a long time is it takes a while to really get a feeling for what you need and when you need it,” Calabrese said.