Traverse City Students Cement Their Future with Time Capsule

Immaculate Conception Plan is Now Set in Stone

As the school year comes to an end, one Traverse City elementary school is doing something to help their year go down in history.

At Immaculate Conception Elementary there is a positive spirit that’s been here for generations. Superintendent Mike Buell says, “The foundation, the tradition, you have a generational families you’ll hear that over and over again.”

Vivian Bramer is a fifth grader. She says, “My dad side was here for like four generations.  And my mom was here for two generations.” Ben Beckwith is a teacher here, and knows the generational ties very well. “I grew up right here, I started in preschool and I graduated from here. Right out of college I became a fifth grade teacher here in 2006. It’s been really special and I -actually next year- I will have a preschooler and a kindergartner in the building.”

These students will step foot in a brand new elementary school this fall. But they’re gathering on Tuesday right on the corner – to make a concrete memory for future generations.

Fifth grader Graiden Insana says, “We placed a time capsule for the new school. There is some things in it like some stuff from the old time capsule and we had letters that we are classrooms wrote.” His classmate Vivian adds, “My class put in a letter. We just put in a yearbook and a bunch of what we did in the year and stuff like that.”

The superintendent says it was great to see the kids smiling at Tuesday’s event. He says the time capsule has some important parts to it. “We have our religious artifacts in there, letters from the kids, a letter from our principals. And I think it will be pretty awesome for someone to open up one day.”

These students already have dreams for the 5th graders of the future. Graiden says, “Somethings were: naptime, and there was I think self-writing, remote control pencils.”

But the kids say the verdict is out on when they’ll find this time capsule, and whether they’ll even know to look for it. Vivian says, “I think they’ll be surprised because I don’t think they’ll remember it was in there!”  And Graiden says, “It’s going to be something that’s going to be in there for a long time and that’s pretty cool.”