Tech Tuesday: Apps for Stargazers

Calling all stargazers, this week’s Tech Tuesday is for you!

June’s night sky provides stellar views of a plethora of planets and constellations, and we’ve found some of the best apps to help you make the most of viewing the delightful dark sky!

In this week’s Tech Tuesday, we’re showing you some out-of-this-world apps for stargazers.

Star Walk 2 

Star Walk 2 takes you on an effortless journey through thousands of stars, comets, and constellations, and all you have to do is open the app and point your phone to the sky.

The augmented reality app lets you explore the night sky through the screen of your phone. The app uses your phone’s sensors and GPS to find the precise position of stars, planets, constellations, comets, the ISS, satellites and meteor showers. The star map follows the motion of your phone to match the map on your screen to the stars seen from your location.

The app gives you a breakdown of the astronomical events and celestial objects visible from your location. You can even set it up to send you push notifications when the International Space Station is about to fly over.

You can also learn more about the planets and stars on your screen by tapping on them. The app also offers some in-app purchases to expand your stargazing to include things like the new Avengers constellations and a satellite finder.

Sky Guide

Sky Guide is another app that makes stargazing simple. Like Star Walk 2, Sky Guide offers you a map of the stars in the sky above by pointing your phone to the sky. One of my favorite Sky Guide features is that the app gives you specific times that viewable satellites will be flying over. It also gives you a dark sky map based on your location to show you the best night sky viewing areas nearby.

Sky Live

For those who like to plan ahead, Sky Live is the app for you! Sky Live gives you an overview of the stargazing conditions for the week. Sky Live calculates the stargazing conditions taking the weather forecast, light pollution, visible objects and moonlight into consideration. The app also gives you information about what planets, stars and constellations you can expect to see that night.

NightCap Camera

For those looking to capture the night sky, give NightCap a try. The NightCap app takes low light and night photos, videos and 4K time lapse.

NightCap offers four dedicated camera modes for shooting meteors, the International Space Station, stars and star trails.

The app even claims to be powerful enough to produce beautiful photos of stars, Northern Lights and the ISS. I actually tested out the ISS camera, and it worked fairly well.


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