Historic Mill Creek Discovery Park: A History Lesson Outside of the Classroom

Michigan has been a destination for hundreds of years. Not just for the breathtaking beaches or spectacular views but for the natural resources our state offers. Historic Mill Creek Discovery Park in Mackinaw City is giving students a taste of what life was like 200+ years ago. These students are learning that the natural resources in the area like wood helped the settlers build Mackinac Island.

Curator of Natural History, Jeff Dykehouse says, “Historic Mill Creek Discovery Park is an important park historically because it’s where the water powered sawmill was built and provided a lot of lumber for Mackinac island 200+ years ago.” 

But for Isabelle, a third grader at St. Mary’s in Gaylord it was especially simple. “We learned how they cut the wood to build the fort and we learned how they used the saw mill.”

The tour and history ends with one grand tour. Taking visitors from the Canopy, over a stream and back down on the ground with their Eagle’s Flight zip line. “It resembles a bald eagle flying across the pond. You take off the take-off platform then you glide across the stream at about the same speed you would be if you were a bald eagle trying to catch a fish,” says Jeff Dykehouse.

If you are interested in visiting or want more information, click here.

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