Emmet Co. Commissioners Working Through Budget Issues

“We have a large gap between our expected revenues and our expenses, it’s millions of dollars.”

Big money concerns for Emmet County commissioners working to balance a budget.

The county has several big expenses coming due at the same time, and they need to find more money.

Growing expenses include building repairs, public transit, and their ambulance service.

At a meeting Monday night, county commissioners decided to move forward with putting a millage on the November ballot to try to get more funding for ambulance services.

“There is a need for a millage about a half mill to fund our ambulance service it’s been under funded forever. So now we are going to ask the voters for something we should have asked years ago which is adequate funding for this ambulance service,” says Emmet County commissioner Charlie MacInnis.

County commissioners are still working on fully balancing the budget.

They have a special meeting scheduled for June 27.