Michigan State Police Warn About Bicycle Safety

With the weather warming up, you may be looking forward to taking your bike out for a ride around town, but before you hit the pavement remember to protect your head.

Michigan State Police want to remind you about the importance of wearing a helmet and staying aware of drivers around you.

Owner of Brick Wheels bicycle shop Tim Brick said, “It’s the cheapest insurance that you can have. It’s not perfect in every situation, but it’s definitely better than not having one.”

According to the Michigan State Police, each year close to 2,000 bicyclists are injured or killed in automobile-related crashes in Michigan.

Lt. Travis House said, “The main things to remember is to wear that safety equipment, make sure your visible and make sure you’re following the laws of traffic.”

Last year Michigan passed a law that requires drivers to stay at least three feet from bicyclists when passing.

Lt. House said, “People need to remember that everyone’s out there to share the road and to give people and little bit of courtesy, typically we don’t have any problems.”

Brick says patience is important for the bicyclist and the automobile driver:

“Drivers get irritated with them, they think they’re hogging up more of their share of the road, so you just need to be tolerant of each other.”

While you’re wearing your helmet, make sure you know how long you’ve had it too.

“Helmets do have a life expectancy,” said Brick. “Some of your old ones that you love, my favorite helmet but it’s 10 years old, it’s probably got some deteriorate from ultra violet and whatnot..”


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