How You Can Be A Ninja Warrior for World Orphans!

World Orphans and American Ninja Warrior have partnered to bring one global organization to thousands of small communities.

Get ready to put your skills to the test and of course help out a great cause while you’re at it.

The Big Ticket Festival has teamed up with World Orphans to bring you their first ever Big Ticket American Ninja Warrior Course.

There are two options to participate:

  • Ninja Camp: This will get you one-on-one coaching to beat the course and will include the following:
    • Custom ninja water bottle
    • Souvenir t-shirt
    • Exclusive ninja training
    • Private meet & greet
    • Camps for 1.5 hours long each
  • Open courses: Try to beat the course on your own!

The course will feature everything from warped walls and salmon ladders to ring sliders and hanging ladders.

For more information about the event, click here.

Click here for the Big Ticket Festival.

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