45 Year Old Message In A Bottle Discovered, Returned to Writer in Traverse City

Imagine waiting 45 years to get a response to your letter.

That’s what happened to one woman who spent her childhood summers on vacation in northern Michigan.

It was August, 1974 and Tina Allera was spending another summer at her grandparent’s cottage on Old Mission Peninsula.

“My grandpa said hey, let’s send out a message in a bottle. So it was actually a vodka bottle, my grandma let them dry really good and we wrote out letters,” said Allera.

Tina released her message into Grand Traverse Bay and the memories of that message slowly faded until another message reached Tina, only this one was on Facebook.

“It wasn’t until a few months ago that I was able to open that message and there was this picture, oh my gosh, I was so stunned so cool,” said Allera.

That message came from a man named Eric Amon who had found Tina’s message in a bottle while doing construction for a home out on Old Mission.

“Literally I think I screamed right out loud, my letter,” said Allera.

Eric met up with Tina, reuniting her with her letter Sunday, 45 years after she wrote it.

“Just to hold it in my hands, and think that my grandparents were watching me write it way back then, all the memories.  And now Eric and I, we’re just going to be friends and he’s going to come visit us in the U.P,” said Allera.

While her letter asks for a response the one she got was almost as unexpected as the discovery itself.

And Tina says keep your eye out, her brother’s message in a bottle is still out there.