Roscommon Co. Sheriff’s Office Investigating Report of Attempted Kitten Drowning

The Roscommon County Sheriff’s Office is looking into a report that someone tried to drown kittens in Higgins Lake.

We’ve been following this tip all weekend, and a warning that the details of this story are unsettling.

A woman who lives on Higgins Lake says she heard something unusual while walking the beach.

She went to investigate and saw a couple trying to drown a bag of two-week old kittens.

She stepped in, took the bag away and found six kittens inside.

With others who joined in to help, they gave some of the kittens chest compressions to revive them.

The son of the woman who rescued the cats tells us she took in all the kittens and have their mother.

The Roscommon County sheriff says they’ve received the report of the incident and will be turning it over to the prosecutor’s office.

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