Lockout Lifted at Houghton Lake Schools

A report of a young man seen walking through a school parking lot with a large knife on his belt prompted a lockout at Houghton Lake Schools.

It happened Friday morning around 8:55 at the Houghton Lake Middle School after the middle school reported seeing the man walking through the lot near the library with a large knife on his belt.

The school was placed on lockout status as troopers and Denton Township officers looked for the man.

Within minutes, police were able to find the man walking along M-55. Police spoke with him and learned that he walking to work and took a shortcut through the school’s parking lot.

Houghton Lake Schools were give the OK to continue with their normal activities and the lockout was lifted.

According to the Roscommon County Sheriff’s Office, a lockout is different than a lockdown.

A lockout is used when a possible threat is outside or in the vicinity of the school building. When a lockout is issued, school continues to operate like normal but students and staff are not allowed to leave the building and no visitors are allowed to enter.

A lockdown is used if there’s a threat inside the building.