Hometown Tourist: Alden’s Mill House

You may recognize their spices and blends in restaurants and homes all around Michigan and beyond with their distinct yellow cap and label.

But they have an amazing place to visit right in Alden where a visit is an experience that has become family tradition for many.

It all started with chef Geno, Colleen Moglovkin’s father.

“The spices started off and he made the miracle blend which was made originally by the chef that started all of this for prime rib. He used it forever. People would always bang on our door wanting it and we were like, ‘dad why don’t you sell it,’ said Moglovkin.

Now Alden’s Mill House has been here for 35 years and they distribute around the U.S.

“Kids remember it. We’ve had people that come here, I guess the joy of a business is you have people who came here, their kids came here, they’ve grown up, they bring their kids here,” said Moglovkin.

Chef Geno has passed away, but his family keeps his spirit here with quality spices sourced from all over the world, blends, pictures and funny signs and they’ve grown into new options like dips and low salt alternatives.

“It is a cook’s gadget heaven. If you like to cook, it’s just a phenomenal place to visit because we do try to find gadgets and stuff that people use,” said Moglovkin.

Indoors and out it’s a fun adventure, the outside gardens are peaceful and whimsical like “alligator alley” he created for kids and adults alike.

“It’s the best feeling in the world when you see a second third generation come in and they go ‘I’m home’ because the smell is just alluring, and it feels good to know your following is generation after generation,” said Moglovkin.

A visit here will spice up your life and add a little flavor in a lot of ways from your palette to a good hearty laugh and a pleasant afternoon in the gardens.

“We actually like to have fun with our customers if you come in jovial we will probably harass you laughs hard just for fun laughs but it is we love it,” said Moglovkin.

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