Cadillac Lakes Cruise & Car Show Adds Steam Engine Rides

Something new this year at the Cadillac Lakes Cruise and Car Show is a steam engine that will take people on a cruise along the railroad tracks.

You can hop on the steam train at the Cadillac Pavilion for the hour-long ride. 

The train leaves every two hours and will take passengers on a ride close to McBain and back to Cadillac.

Organizers say this is a great way to get out and see the area like never before.

“Most of the train tracks go into places that you don’t drive to. So you’ll see countryside you’ve never seen before from a different perspective, especially going out towards McBain. You have some really cool forest sections, but then you’ll also have some really awesome just rolling hills and farm land out there,” explained Joy VanDrie, co-chair of the Cadillac Lakes Cruise and Car Show.

Tickets are $15  and available near the pavilion. To learn more, click here.