Tariff Talks Continue Between U.S., Mexico

Talks with the White House and Mexican officials will continue today after a deal wasn’t reached on immigration and tariffs.

President Trump tweeted yesterday saying he intends to move forward on his 5% tariffs if no agreement is reached on immigration enforcement.

A move that could see some heavy opposition from his own party.

The comments come after no deal was reached following a 90 minute meeting with the vice president and Mexico’s foreign minister.

The president says the tariffs will only hurt Mexico—and that they will help the U.S. build more businesses.

But many economists are warning the tariffs will hurt the American consumer.

And with a trade war on two fronts, many believe the U.S. economy could take a big hit.

If no deal is reached with China, there could be a global recession in less than a year.

Many White House advisers suggest President Trump may drop the tariffs if he is given an offer he likes.