Rep. Larry Inman Seeking Treatment for Opioid Use

State representative Larry Inman is now getting treatment for what his lawyer calls long term opioid use.

Inman’s attorney said Thursday the opioids were prescribed to Inman after a number of major surgeries in the last several years.

The three-term state representative is also facing federal charges over allegations he tried to sell his vote.

Inman’s attorney says the representative and his doctors are talking about how best to move forward as Inman begins treatment.

Inman currently faces charges of attempted extortion, bribery and lying to the FBI.

They say Inman offered to vote no on prevailing wage legislation in exchange for campaign contributions.

Inman says text messages released by the feds have been misinterpreted.

Still, some around Grand Traverse County say Inman needs to step down.

Inman’s attorney says he and several others had recently talked to the lawmaker about getting medical attention.

“This is an opportunity to address a particular issue with these prescription pain medications and at least have a successful result there, or hope for a successful result there. We’ve got some really good professionals folks on board, probably the foremost physicians group in the state in this area,” said attorney Christopher Cooke.

“It’s really unfortunate if anyone has an addiction problem and we really hope that he gets all the help that is necessary to recover from that, Grand Traverse County deserves representation,” said Chris Cracchiolo, Chair of the Grand Traverse County Democrats.

Imam’s attorney says there are still no plans for the state representative to resign.

He’s due back in federal court next month.