Kayak Bike and Brew: Electric Scooters Coming to Traverse City

Traverse City is home to countless shops, restaurants and breweries. You can explore the city by foot, car or even by bike — but what about touring the city on an e-scooter? 

Kayak Bike and Brew is a Traverse City staple and is now offering “scoot and brew” tours. This is a tour that incorporates an electric scooter. Giving people the wind in their hair without the sweat to go with it!

General manager, Jeremy Smith says, “This is an awesome way to experience the town if you’ve never been here or if you’ve lived here for years. It’s a view of traverse city you’ve never seen it before.”

Kayak Bike and Brew maps out the perfect breweries to try during your next visit. “Traverse City is known for the microbrews and it’s so hard to figure out where to go when you’re here because there’s an overwhelming amount of places to choose from,” says local Paige Hamel.

If you want more information on this tour, click here.

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