Evart Roundup Shows Off Wood Carved Crafts From Across the Country

Wood carvers from around the country are in Evart this weekend showing off their hand carved crafts.

Around 400 wood carvers set up their art at the Evart Fairgrounds for the Evart Roundup. 

Visitors can come watch them in action and even learn from a few classes they’re teaching.

Carvings, supplies, and tools are all on sale if you want to try your luck at this fun, unique hobby.

Organizers say this is a great place to learn a new craft.

“It’s interesting, there’s all kinds of different instructors doing different things, chip carving, bark carving, characture carving. Just come on in and look around and find anything you want to do and there will be somebody that’ll to help you start doing it,” said President of the Michigan Wood Carvers Association, Denny Sekranes.

The event is free and runs until noon Saturday.

For a full list of events, click here.