Opioid Addiction Treatment Clinic Opens in Kalkaska

A new clinic has opened its doors in the village of Kalkaska to help people struggling with opioid addictions.

Life’s Work Clinic is the county’s only buprenorphine treatment clinic. The practitioners administer medicine to help patients withdraw from opioids.

Buprenorphine, or suboxone therapy, stabilizes the opioid withdrawal without impairment and it also has a blocker that prevents overdose if a patient relapses.

Suboxone is only available by qualified doctors, and there’s little access to care in rural areas.

While Traverse City has plenty of providers, Kalkaska had none, until Adam DeVaney opened his clinic.

“[The opioid crisis] is affecting rural communities harder than other communities,” said DeVaney. “When you figure there’s few practitioners doing this type of medicine around the country, you see a real need.”

Kalkaska has some of the most need for this help, but the least amount of access.

“When I did the research, I found that this area was high risk for new cases of HIV and hepatitis c based on high rates of intravenous drug use,” said DeVaney. “Rural medicine is a challenge…patients are driving an hour to four hours to access this therapy.”

DeVaney hopes his work will help break down barriers and judgement about addiction.

For more information about the clinic or to make an appointment, visit https://www.lifesworkclinic.com/.