National Transportation Safety Board Releases Report on Last Year’s Anchor Strike on Line 5

The federal government released a report Wednesday.

It shines a light on exactly what happened leading up to an anchor striking a pipeline in the Straits of Mackinac April 2018.

A dragging anchor hit decommissioned utility lines, and Enbridge’s Line 5 west of the Mackinac Bridge, and fueled fears of an environmental catastrophe.

Wednesday we learned more from the NTSB about an anchor that hit it last year.

The report says a barge unknowingly released its anchor, dragging it and caused damaged to electrical cables and dented line five.

The NTSB also determined the likely cause was a failure to secure the barge’s anchor, and the improper adjustment of the anchor’s brake band.

The report says those two factors that caused the anchor strike.

Attorney General Dana Nessel said this report reinforces the danger Line 5 is to the Great Lakes.

She says she is “prepared to take legal action to decommission Line 5.”

Oil company Enbridge says they take their responsibility seriously to protect the environment.

The company says they’ll continue with their plans to construct a tunnel for Line 5.

Governor Gretchen Whitmer is negotiating with Enbridge to speed up that tunnel.