High Water Levels Leaving Basements Flooded

Flood waters are creeping into people’s homes.

Story Basement Technologies says they’ve been flooded with phone calls from people with water in their basement.

“Generally right now, about three to four to five phone calls are happening per day,” said John Raymond with Story Basement Technologies.

High water levels are leading to flooded basements.

“I’m walking into a lot of stressed out customers right now. It’s just unexpected,” said Raymond.

Story Basement Technologies says the first thing they do is find the source of the flooding.

They say almost every time it’s at the wall and floor joint.

“A lot of people always think that that’s a sealed joint and it’s not because they’re poured at two separate times,” said Raymond.

The home they worked in Wednesday had a finished basement and needed major repairs.

“It breaks a lot of people’s hearts when this is going on because it’s unexpected,” said Raymond.

They’re building a channel that’s going to lead to a sump pump that way no more water rises up and causes anymore damage to the basement.

One woman we spoke to says her basement flooded last week.

“We had about an inch and a half in our whole lower level,” said Linda Dornbusch.

She’s thankful their damage wasn’t too severe.

“We don’t store a whole lot on that lower level, the crawl space. If we did, it would be destroyed because it was full of water, about an inch and a half solid,” said Dornbusch.

But she says the erosion in her backyard caused by the high water levels is becoming an issue.

“We’ve lost almost all of our beach and part of the patio is gone, the fire pit is gone,” said Dornbusch.

Water levels are not expected to go down soon, so more homeowners could have more water problems.