Get That Summer Skin Ready With Waxing!

Summer means warm weather and less clothing, but as you pull out those shorts and t-shirts, you may be thinking you have to start shaving again.

Well look no further because Michelle was in Traverse City to talk about a much more effective and efficient method — waxing.

She met up with Liz Bahl one of the waxers to talk about how it works and how you can make your way to Nectarine.

Bahl said, “It is pretty easy but you have to grow the hair out two to three weeks and that is what everyone has the biggest problem with whatever area we are waxing.  You have to be hairy to do it or else it doesn’t work.  Once you come in we cleanse the area we oil the area and then I rip your hair out and then you are good to go.”

Waxing tends to last longer than shaving.

Bahl said, “It is a lot different from shaving too because if you shave and it grows back you get the bluntness of the area that you cut off so it feels gross.  But when you wax you are getting all new hair coming through so it is soft and it is fine.  And the nice thing is the longer you keep up with the waxing the thinner and finer your hair becomes so there is just way less hair.”
From eyebrows to toes, they do it all and you can head into Nectarine or make an appointment over the phone with them anytime.

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