16 Year-Old Gymnast takes Home Gold at Nationals

“If you want to be good, you want to be the best it’s like a full time job,” says head coach at Grand Traverse Bay Gymnastics, Jennifer VanDeinse. But, if you ask local gymnast Olyvia Galton she says being good takes three simple things. “Hard work, determination and just loving it.”

Olyvia Galton is 16 years-old and a level 9 in gymnastics who just competed at Nationals where she took home first place for her floor routine and now holds the title for “all around” national champion.

Olyvia has big aspirations and is committed to this physically and mentally demanding sport. She says she wouldn’t trade it for the world. “It’s amazing to see a 16 year-old almost 17 year-old girl that is so sure of who she is and is so incredibly confident with herself — it’s just amazing to see,” says her mother, Tracy Galton.

Her reaction when she found out the she had won was priceless… “I was like what the heck? I won? I like didn’t believe it at first,” says Olyvia.

But the hard work doesn’t end here. Olyvia is proud of this accomplishment but is still looking to grow and improve. Her coach Jen VanDeinse says, “There’s really no such thing as being done. There’s always more that can be done.”

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