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Little Minds Yoga: Traverse City Open Space

Promo Image: Little Minds Yoga: Traverse City Open Space

Who doesn’t love yoga, family and getting outside? We want to talk about an event coming up this weekend in Traverse City at the Open Space that focuses on all three of those things.

These two ladies have created family yoga at the open space. Kay Epple and Cathy Fitzgerald have created these classes where the whole family can come out.

The weather is looking good this weekend which is even better. Both Kay and Cathy actually teach yoga classes and this is something they are passionate about.

Kay says, “We teach classes for kids of all ages actually and we love to incorporate family when we can like this. It’s just great for bonding and connection and doing something together outside and we also have classes for kids indoors that are more age specific.”

The whole idea too is to start the kids young to have the idea of mindfulness and get them outside and get healthy.

“It’s not only stretching and strengthening your body which is wonderful but also gives us a chance to introduce mindfulness without them even really knowing about it. It’s just stopping and checking in and how to self-regulate with breath which is really important,” said Epple.

The class is structured for three to eleven year olds but all ages are welcome. Older kids are known to have a lot of fun with their siblings in class too.

Registration is donation based so that it is open to everyone. They don’t want to hinder anyone from coming.

They have all types of activities, all types of yoga poses, games, dancing and more fun for the family.

Plus they have the Botanic Gardens on Wednesday mornings and a class at 9 a.m. and 10 a.m.

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