Adventures in Northern Michigan: One Huge Canvas For Trailbuilding

One Northern Michigan man has taken on a large scale form of art – mountain bike trail building.

Mike Belic is ready to change plots of land into trail masterpieces.

Belic said, “Trail building is an art form and I look at a piece of property as a blank canvas. we have various sized paintbrushes that we call the excavators and we turn it into a tourist destination.”

His team works hard everyday to bring these amazing trails to life and sometimes they get stuck in the unpredictable weather.

Belic said, “There is a lot that goes into the trail building process. some of the ups and downs in trial building is we are out in the weather everyday and if its raining you will get rained on.”

Mane Content with 9&10News got an inside look at the construction to show you what could be the newest go-to destination in Michigan for mountain biking.

Mountain biking is a great passion and hobby to pick up on and Belic wants people to enjoy his trails the most.

Belic said, “I want people to feel euphoria when they ride and the hooting and hollering the woods and this could easily be the destination in Northern Michigan.”

Check out the short clip above to see what is coming to the Leelanau Peninsula on the Palmer Woods Reserve.

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