Business in Focus: Bloxsom Roofing & Siding Co.

It’s safe to say we have a good roof over our heads here at the Heritage House and it’s all thanks to the guys at Bloxsom Roofing & Siding Co.

We were able to catch up with them to learn more about how they’re keeping people all over Northern Michigan warm and dry.

Craig Bloxsom said, “We are actually a fourth generation company now. It started out with my grandfather, fathers, uncles, and then it came down to my generation and third and my cousin who is a fourth generation who hopefully can keep going.”

They are a commercial roofing business and they work mostly with flat roofing.

Craig says, “It keeps getting more challenging and I think the biggest thing is employment and I think we found out how valuable our employees are and not only trying to gain employees. They do things for money but at the same time someone who comes to you for money will leave you for money. But also showing loyalty and retaining’s to those valued employees and we are doing that in many different ways and one of the ways is technology.”

Technology is evolving and changing the ways that jobs are done across the world and one of those jobs is roofing,

They are currently hiring for many different positions and you can learn about these by clicking here.

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