Vortex Studios Goes ‘From Hollywood to Traverse City’

A Los Angeles video production company is expanding to northern Michigan.

Vortex Studios just got an investment from Boomerang Catapult to establish a Traverse City location.

That means they’ll soon be shooting and producing shows in northern Michigan.

Jen Casey is the president of sales for Vortex Studios in Traverse City. The production company puts together a variety of shows and then launches them digitally before taking them to networks and cable.

“We integrate major brands into the shows for branded entertainment, product placement, and we launch them, we have a digital first focus so we launch those on YouTube and Facebook so we’re able to hit a target audience and market for the client and then we also have the ability to distribute these into major networks and cable networks,” said Casey.

That’s what they’ll now be doing in northern Michigan, thanks to an investment from Boomerang Catapult.

“We are going to hire sales, production, video production, pre and post, editing, and we’re just really excited to be able to offer these jobs and salaries here in northern Michigan. We have got an extreme sport fishing show that we’re going to bring most likely to northern Michigan here and highlight the area,” said Casey.

And they’re hoping to tap into local talent to fill job openings.

“We can tap into Interlochen, we can tap into all the high schools and the colleges around here so we can really let people that they don’t have to go to a big city they can stay right and get and awesome job and education with us,” said Casey.